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Types of investing


Self-trading is a service that guarantees the exact execution of applications for the purchase and sale of financial assets in any of the available trading terminals. In this case, the trader makes decisions about trade transactions himself.


Robotrading (trading by robots) is a way with the use of proprietary CredoTrade software to conclude trade transactions. Specially programmed trading systems independently calculate the trend, determine its direction and strength of price movement.


Repetition or copying of transactions is an automatic action of trading platform, which ensures the fulfillment of trade transactions, repeating them for the rating traders of system. Simply put, you take the transaction of one of the top traders and automatically transfer it to your personal account.

MAM Account

It is very profitable for investors to open a MAM Account, because they have a real opportunity to earn without making trading operations on their account and not studying the specifics of trades. MAM Account is also acceptable to the Manager, who is receiving the payment for performing operations on managing the Investor's accounts.

Investment Portfolios

CredoTrade offers its clients the opportunity of portfolio format investing in securities of large international companies. Thanks to a well-thought-out authorial trading strategy, high profitability, and minimal risk, the use of investment portfolios will allow investors to ensure a stable profit.

Trust management

Trust management from CredoTrade is a well-coordinated work of analysts and traders of the company with the client's account. Registering a trust management service, the client gets an opportunity to form investment strategy in partnership with a practicing trader CredoTrade, determine the degree of possible risk and size of the potential profit. The individual service is available for Premium-clients of the company.


IPO Trading is the best way to take advantage of the opportunity to get a “quick profit” for a trader. The output on IPO actually means that company is ready to work completely transparently and it is ready to demonstrate to the world all the nuances of its own management, strategy, and control. At the same time, its actual owners are traders who own stock and receive a proportionate profit from activities of the enterprise.

Demo Account

You can use the Demo Account service to learn the functionality of the trading platform if you are a beginner and are not ready to start active trading. Also, you can test the speed of orders’ execution and form a general idea of the trading process. The service is absolutely free.

Best platform
for traders


The most reliable type of trading in securities and currency pairs. The software is directly on the trader's computer and protected by 3 levels of securitization. Transactions occur instantly and reliably.

Our achievements

We have achieved notable success in the field of trading for more than ten years of working on international trading platforms. The important achievements during this period are:

Nearly 20 000
professional traders

About 20 000 CredoTrade’s customers became the professional market players with decent daily incomes.

Over 1,000,000
daily deals

CredoTrade’s customers commit a huge number of successful transactions, what makes them successful and wealthy traders.

More than 50 000
successful withdrawals of profit

CredoTrade reports all earnings to our customers on time and without delays taking into account commissions.

356 managing portfolios with a volume
of more than $100 000

Our 356 clients became owners of a solid financial portfolio with the successful investments in the international market.

72% of customers earn in
the first trading month

More than two-thirds of our customers get the expected profit at the initial stage of conducting of trade operations with the help of CredoTrade’s personal consultant.

More than 150
successful IPO

CredoTrade company has an extensive experience in conducting IPO of global brands. The number of successful IPO has exceeded 150 in the 2017 year.