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IPO (Initial Public Offering) is a procedure for public offering of shares of the joint-stock company for an unlimited number of investors.


IPO Advantages

The main benefit in the process of issuing shares to the stock exchange is taken by traders who buy securities in advance. For this, logically, in the company's stock, which is preparing for an IPO, it is necessary to invest money. Accordingly, the amount of investment should be significant - otherwise it will be difficult to provoke the interest of the owners of the company to sell part of the stake. In general, there is an employee in charge of investor relations, which helps them determine the conditions and make a deal in companies that are looking for investments. The function of an intermediary is provided by CredoTrade.

Purchase of shares on the IPO premarket is an affordable way to invest early in prospective projects. Shares of the company, which gathered at the IPO, can be bought even before its entry into the stock exchange, as an underwriter. Like conventional investments in a company, the amount of financial injections must be significant, in order to arouse the interest of the owners of this company.

Purchase of the company’s shares that are preparing for IPO is possible with CredoTrade only in 2 clicks by filling out an application on the site.

IPO in the US market

Spotify - is estimated at $11 billion

Back in March 2016, the company lent one billion dollars with such conditions, according to which it is simply obliged to move forward in 2017. Otherwise, Spotify threatens to pay a huge interest rate and provide a significant discount specifically for investors. Despite such a dismal situation, Spotify has several advantages. These include an impressive subscriber base (many of them are ready to financially support the project), a strong social network and a music search function in an application that competitors cannot boast of. Compared with 2015, there is a steady growth in the company's revenue, despite the rather significant losses associated with obtaining license for the streaming tracks offered in the application and the desire to bypass resourceful competitors.

Palantir Technologies Inc. - is estimated at $20 billion

A start-up connected with the development of data as early as in 2016 became an occasion for discussions in the media and social networks. The company Palantir has a considerable profit, making deals with US government and military institutions. According to analysts, the IPO company is scheduled for the end of 2017 and it is quite possible that it will be released to the stock exchange in 2018. Developer of technological solutions in the field of Big Data, founded in 2014 by the creator of PayPal Peter Tile, also stands on its feet rather tightly: its cost is estimated at $ 20 billion. Investors believe in the prospects of Palantir, including due to large orders from state agencies and the Armed Forces The US (with the Pentagon, the company signed a contract for the supply of software for $ 200 million in October).

UBER - is estimated at $6.5 billion

″Revolutionary″ transport business the company Uber Technologies, Inc. in the last round of financing was estimated at $50 billion. This means that it has every chance to become the most expensive venture startup in history. The only company that has reached a similar level of capitalization is Facebook, on the eve of the public offering, also valued at $ 50 billion. Investors cannot but inspire the rapid growth of Uber: in 2013, the company's customers booked trips for $ 688 million, in 2014 - for $ 2.91 billion. If you believe the forecasts of analysts interviewed by Reuters, by the end of this year the amount will triple and amount to $ 10, 84 billion, and in 2017 will reach $ 26.12 billion.

Lyft Inc. - is estimated at $0.7 billion

According to co-founder Lyft Inc. the company plans to enter the stock exchange in the coming years. At the moment, the main goal of startup creators is to cover monthly losses of fifty million dollars. If goal is achieved, then by the end of 2017 – beginning of 2018 company will be able to register on the stock exchange. Experts agree that Uber and Lyft Inc. in the next ten years will become public. However, Lyft Inc. Will be the loser due to a later entry into the market and an orientation exclusively to the States.

Airbnb Inc. – is estimated at $ 30 billion

The company is struggling with regulators. The struggle will continue in 2017 until the inextricable relationships in the largest cities are established. At the moment, it doesn’t need additional funds and is working to expand the services offered, to which entertainment and flight booking has been added. Even if problem with the regulators continues, Airbnb Inc. will expect to enter the IPO in 2018.Airbnb is an online platform for accommodation, searching and short-term rental of private housing worldwide. The activity of the company, founded in 2007, has acquired a truly global scale: at the moment service accumulates about 800 thousand ads in 33 thousand cities in 192 countries. The monthly audience is about one million people.

Dropbox Inc. – is estimated at $10 billion

Dropbox - the largest file hosting company Dropbox Inc., which includes personal cloud storage, file synchronization and client software. Headquartered in San Francisco. Dropbox supports Windows, MacOS, Linux; Mobile OS Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry; Web browsers; and also has unofficial ports on MeeGo and Symbian.

Pinterest – is estimated at $2.2 billion

The number of active users of Pinterest grew to 150 million todays (from 100 million in September 2015). A social network that specializes in thematic image collections continues to grow. The company positions itself as a worldwide catalog of ideas and helps people to collect what they like online.

Bloom Energy - is estimated at $2.9 billion

The company was founded in 2001. It is engaged in providing energy resources to customers in a different industries. According to the report of the fuel market in 2015, published by the US Department of Energy, Credit Suisse invested $ 130 million in Bloom Energy. In 2016, the company reported revenues of less than $ 1 billion, since it allowed it to register for IPO.

Blue Apron - is estimated at $1.9 billion

The company was founded in 2012 year. The main area of activity: the delivery of products to the house for cooking according to the original recipe with a batch of all the necessary ingredients. Since its establish until March, 2017, more than 159 million food products have been delivered throughout the United States, representing approximately 25 million paid orders. In 2017, the company's revenue was $ 238.1 million.

SurveyMonkey - is estimated at $2 billion

SurveyMonkey is the world's leading online survey platform, which hosts more than 3 million interviews every day. The company was founded in 1999. SurveyMonkey made a revolution in obtaining feedback from people. Now the company's revenue is more than $113 million.

Vice Media - is estimated at $ 5.7 billion

Among the fastest growing digital media groups, Vice Media has an attractive demographic audience of users aged 18-34. This is certainly a new trend in the world of news agencies, when the rate is not based on the accuracy of the facts or the speed of filing, but on the bright individual point of view of the journalist on an event. A noticeable increase in the number of subscribers, as well as the presence among large investors of companies such as Walt Disney and 21st Century Fox indicates that this is not a short-term trend.

SPACEX - is estimated at $ 12 billion

Investors were interested earlier in the opportunity to invest in the space company of Elon Mask. While the company is in no hurry to exit at public auction, but Musk has said that an IPO could happen sooner than many people think. Presumably - at the end of 2016.SpaceX was founded in 2002 and is a sort of miniature version of NASA. In the mission of the company colonization by the mankind of the Cosmos is declared. In particular, SpaceX promised to settle people on Mars as recently as 2026, 10 years earlier than most NASA.

Saudi Arabian Oil Co. (Saudi Aramco) - is estimated at $ 2 trillion

Saudi Aramco plans in 2018 to accommodate up to 5% of its shares, which could be the largest IPO in the world, according to Nasdaq statement. According to estimates of Saudi Arabia, the capitalization of the entire Saudi Aramco may exceed $ 2 trillion. Probably, will conduct initial public offering simultaneously on several exchanges. This was stated by Saudi Arabia's oil minister Khalid al-Falih on Thursday. ″This is likely to be done simultaneously, but we are not talking about it yet. There is a process of evaluation. All the opportunities are still open,″ he said. According to the minister, no single market can absorb the entire volume of Saudi Aramco's placement, so the state company is exploring options for selling shares on at least two exchanges, and possibly three. The IPO is planned to be conducted domestically, and the company is consider selling shares on exchanges in London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York and Canada. ″To list Aramco and get an estimate of the value that the Saudis are hoping for, the company will need to report, including an independent audit of reserves, and increase transparency as much as it has never done,″ Jason Bordoff from Center of Global Energy Policy of Columbia University said to the Financial Times.

IPO in the Asian market

Ant Financial Services Group - is estimated at $60 billion

The first IPO will take place in Hong Kong and can beat the largest share placement in this city since 2010 when Agricultural Bank of China held an IPO of $ 22.1 billion. IPO Ant Financial Services Group (operator of payment systems of Chinese Internet company Alibaba billionaire Jack Ma) will take place in the first half of 2017, reported in September 2016 agency Bloomberg. This is the largest payment service in China, with about 450 million active users and processing almost 170 million transactions a day. In the last round of financing in April 2016, the company is estimated at $ 60 billion. And its IPO was the most anticipated since company was separated from Alibaba on the eve of the listing of the Chinese electronic commerce giant in New York in 2014. Then the amount of Alibaba's placement reached $ 25 billion. The whole company was valued at $ 168 billion.

Lufax - is estimated at $18 billion

The second largest IPO, the Chinese online lending and asset management company Lufax, will also take place in Hong Kong and may attract $ 5 billion, Reuters reported in November 2016. After the January round of financing, the financial company was valued at $ 18 billion. Lufax is supported by China's second largest insurance company Ping An. Its services in the first half of last year benefited more than 23 million people, the volume of transactions exceeded $ 480 billion.

Zhongan - is estimated at $8 billion

The largest online insurance company in China Zhongan is preparing to hold the third IPO. During the financing round in May 2016, company was valued at $ 8 billion. The company already has more than 400 million customers in the insurance market. Zhongan is supported by such Chinese giants as Alibaba, Tencent and Ping An. Initially, the company planned to conduct a listing in Hong Kong, but then leaned in favor of mainland China due to sluggish interest to the company abroad and unwillingness to compete with a possible offer of its main shareholder - Ant Financial.